Chemical Storage Tanks

High-Density Linear & Crosslink Polyethylene Tanks

We offer the largest product selection of High-Density Linear and Crosslink Polyethylene tanks in the industry. We provide customized chemical storage tanks in a variety of materials and sizes to hold various media types for any application.

Our knowledgeable team will work with you to select a chemical storage tank that meets your exact specifications. We adhere to ASTM D 1998 standards for material processing to ensure your chemical storage tank meets your quality specifications.

At Process Control, we specialize in single and double-wall containment units, horizontal tanks, commercial tanks, chemical feed stations, chemical day tanks, and IBC totes. Our engineering team will work with you to design your custom tank.

Chemical Storage Tank Materials

We partner with high-quality, chemical storage tank manufacturers to offer our customers durable chemical storage solutions.

We provide customers Snyder chemical storage tanks manufactured from HDLPE (High Density Linear Polyethylene) or XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene). If your final application requires fiberglass-reinforced plastic, we also offer custom Plas-Tanks chemical storage tanks and vessels.

Our team will partner with you to create a customized chemical storage solution, taking into account your application, the media you plan on storing, budget restrictions, and any other project specifications.

The chemicals you need to store directly impact the material used on your chemical storage tank.

Chemical Storage Tank Types & Sizes

To better serve our customers, we offer various types and sizes of chemical storage tanks. No matter how small or large of a tank you need, we have the solution for you.

We provide the following chemical storage tank types and sizes:

  • 22 – 20000 gallons in vertical storage tanks
  • 35 – 12500 gallons in double wall storage tanks
  • 35 – 440 gallons in chemical feed stations
  • 65 – 335 gallons in chemical injection tanks
  • 120 – 100 gallons in used collection tanks
  • 90 – 875 gallons in containment basins
  • 175 – 6900 gallons in secondary containment
  • 30 – 500 gallons in open top tanks
  • 55 – 500 in open top total drain tanks
  • 30 – 3400 in horizontal tanks
  • 30 – 325 in rectangular PCO tanks
  • 60 – 850 gallons in closed top total drain tanks
  • 15 – 13000 gallons in cone bottom tanks
  • 120 – 330 gallons in standard square stackable tanks
  • 120 – 330 gallons in premium square stackable tanks
  • 220 – 330 gallons in standard Ultratainer tanks
  • 220 – 330 gallons in wide mouth Ultratainer tanks
  • 550 gallons in Megatainer tank
  • 65 – 20000 gallons in commercial tanks

Custom Chemical Storage Tanks Features

At Process Control, we know that each project and application is unique, which will require customized chemical storage tank design options.

We partner with Snyder to offer our customers custom chemical storage tank features including:

  • Tank Color
  • Protective Wrap for Shipping
  • Tank Saver Platforms
  • Leak Detection
  • Ultrasonic Level
  • Seismic Restraints
  • Sight Glass
  • Reverse Float Indicator
  • Reverse Stenciled Calibration Board
  • External Fill
  • Level Gauge
  • Draw Tube
  • Poly & MetalTank Stands
  • Band Assemblies
  • Hinged Lids for Open Top Tanks
  • Bolted & Sealed Lids for Open Top Tanks
  • Mixer Mounts for Open Top Tanks
  • Total Drain Fittings and Vents for Open Top Tanks
  • Hoop Assemblies
  • Spil-Tainer Drum Containment Units
  • Flexmaster Flexible Connections
  • Metal & FRP Ladders/ Cages
  • Insulation
  • Heat Trace
  • Name Plates
  • Stenciling
  • Wet Stamps
  • Gallonage Indicators
  • Sight Gauge
  • External Downpipe
  • PVC/ CPVC Piping
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Gel Test
  • ASTM Documentation
  • Custom Hole Cuts
  • Siphon Tubes
  • U-Vents
  • Manways
  • Fill Caps
  • Mushroom Vents
  • Flange Adapters
  • Gaskets
  • Bulkhead Fittings
  • Unitized Molded Outlet – SUMO Fitting
  • Self-Aligning Bulkhead Fittings
  • PP Bolted Total Drain Fittings – SS Bolts
  • Stainless Steel Fittings
  • Bolted Double Flanges Fittings
  • Bolted Double Flange Fittings Encapsulated Bolts in SS/ Hastelloy/ Titanium

The team at Process Control are industry experts and will create a customized chemical storage tank solution that meets your requirements.

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