Process Control

Electrical Control Panel Design:

Process Control Panel Shop

Specializing in variable frequency drive (VFD) repackaging, pump control panels, fan-wall panels, starter panels, and all types of process-equipment sales.
Our onsite retrofits, upgrades, services, chemical-storage solutions, and corrosion-protection services benefit customers from a variety of industries.

Panel Shop

  • Fabrication
  • VFD commissioning
  • Retrofit
  • Onsite services

Corrosion Protection & Ceramic Assembly

  • Corrosion and Inflow & Infiltration

  • Collection Systems and Treatment Plants

  • Restoration and New Construction

  • Specialized Corrosion-Resistant Lining

  • Substrate Repair Materials and Filler Compounds

  • Preventing Inflow and Infiltration

Storage Solutions Experts

  • Single Wall Tanks

  • Double Wall Containment

  • Horizontal Tanks

  • Chemical Feed Stations

  • Chemical Day Tanks

  • IBC Totes

Composite Vessel Manufacturer

  • Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Brinemakers

  • FRP Storage Tanks

  • FRP Mixing Tanks

  • FRP Process Vessels

Oil Mist Eliminators

  • CNC machine mist eliminators

  • Oil skimmers

  • Oil residue vacuum recycler

  • Low maintenance

  • Only one filter

  • Self cleaning