Application Assistance

Reduce Risks & Increase Cost Efficiency

At RPM Control, our decades of experience and diverse offerings of industry professionals provide us with the expertise to guide our customers through the crucial choices of each project they undertake. Ensuring you are implementing the correct cable and electrical controls for your project reduces risks and increases the cost efficiency of your project. From soft start or harmonic mitigation, our know-how enables us to offer the best resources and most effective solutions.

Below are some of the most common electrical control options and their significant qualities:

Soft Starters (Danfoss)

  • Requires minimal programming, providing an easier option for newer engineers
  • Cost-effective & space saving option compared to VFD’s
  • Reduces wear and tear on the motors circuits, increasing the lifespan of the machine
  • Can adjust the starting voltage and motor power up time, reducing energy use and lowering power surge risks
  • Reduced risk of overheating,
  • Improved overall operating efficiency

Harmonic Mitigation (TCI, Trans Coil)

  • Reduces noise (distortion)
  • Improves the life of other electronics (VFD)
  • Better efficiency
  • Used to meet IEEE-519 Specification on Harmonics

Power Factor Correction Solutions:

  • Capacitor bank reduces the demand on electrical equipment

Motor Protection Solutions:

  • Limits voltage spikes

High Frequency Noise Solutions:

  • Helps with EMI and FRI

What We Do

At RPM Controls, we aim to support our clients in their endeavors by aiding in decision-making regarding electrical control products. We assist in troubleshooting for current control panels, as well as installation and service work. We emphasize the importance of consultation to ensure each and every client has the best solution for their needed application.